Child Protection Policy Statement

The protection and welfare of children and young people is at the forefront of everything we do at Sky Tuition Academy. We all have an obligation and responsibility to ensure and promote a safe environment and practises to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation.

Below is Sky Tuition Academy’s Child Protection Policy Statement.

Sky Tuition Academy will:

· Conduct due diligence as part of our commitment to delivering our promise and ensuring disqualified individuals are not placed in schools.

· Ensure all Sky Tuition Academy staff and tutors are made aware of our policies and procedures and adhere to them as required.

· Sky Tuition Academy will ensure that all tutors understand the procedures and the importance of reporting child protection concerns. We will ensure that schools are able to provide the reporting procedures and contact details for child protection concerns.

· Sky Tuition Academy is dedicated to providing our tutors with the support and the opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in relation to child protection issues.

· Sky Tuition Academy employees and tutors will remain up to date with all government legislation regarding safeguarding policies and procedures. We are dedicated to passing this information on to our staff by utilising and updating our tutors accordingly.


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