Dear prospective students and parents,

Firstly, allow me to welcome you to the Sky Tuition Academy website.

We appreciate the difficulties involved in deciding which tuition centre you think would be the best for your children. You’re undoubtedly going to be looking for tuition that has been proven to succeed, an establishment that is tried and tested and above all else, trusted!

We at Sky Tuition Academy believe, you have already made that decision once before.

With the very little resources available to our state schools and academies, Sky Tuition Academy found an opportunity that has provided hundreds with an exceptional alternative to the conventional tuition. We have helped many students and schools achieve higher than expected grades, which has resulted in confident learners, better opportunities for their future and by working together, greater funding for schools as we continue to raise their attainment levels without placing further pressure on their stringent budgets or their teaching staff.

We are unique! I can assure you we are the first to provide tuition in this way.

Personal Note: I can talk to you about the impact tuition has had on me. Being an only son with three sisters, it is fair to say, I was spoiled. So much so I fell back in my schooling and suffered subsequently for a while until I understood the importance of education. I then went on to forge a successful career and now I am the Managing Director of my own company. So, I know it can be done.

We create an environment which will assist your children in developing their own unique ambition, to flourish and install values that will encourage future generations. By doing so, we will continue to grow the strong academic legacy we have created.

I can assure you that Sky Tuition Academy attains the highest standards and encourages self-achievement for all its students. We provide amazing opportunities to broaden our students’ horizon and enable them to progress towards inventible stages in their lives.

I encourage you to contact a member of our team as soon as possible or email us using our pre-enrolment form and we will call you back.

I hope you make the right decision for your peace of mind and your child’s future.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

S. Singh

Managing Director.


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