Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay an admin/registration fee?
There is a £10 admin/registration charge payable for each child. Sessions that are missed are non-refundable under any circumstance. This is to keep our prices as low as possible and ensures your child benefits from our program of study.
How does STA compare to other providers?
Sky Tuition Academy is unique and provides a service that no other company offers. We understand the pressure placed on students to succeed is significant and that is why we offer tuition in an environment that they are both familiar and comfortable with. The greatest difference with Sky Tuition Academy compared to other providers is that our tuition is not generalised. Our unique business model supports students with their current school studies. Example: we know of centre’s that have taught algebra the following term to the school. This defeats the purpose of tuition as far as we are concerned.
How often and where is tuition available?
As an external service provider, Sky Tuition Academy recommends at least one lesson per week. You then have the option of a one or two hour lesson.
What happens if my child misses a lesson?
In the unfortunate event your child is not able to attend a lesson, you will be able to reschedule for another day either by phone or email. 24 hours notice is required.
Do you offer tuition for the 11+ exam preparation? If so, when should my child start preparing for the exam?

We endeavour to provide a complete service and, yes, we do offer 11+ preparation. Please note, we currently do not offer the 11+ exam. Year 4 and 5 are the most significant years for preparation for the 11+ exam. We appreciate parental enthusiasm and therefore preparation can commence in Year 3.

What is the admissions deadline for students who wish to study full time?

Students applying for the forthcoming academic year (September 2018- June 2019) must apply before the commencement of each term.

Do you offer home tuition?
No. This proposal is contrary to the current policy we have established.
What ages do you teach?
Key Stage (KS) Ages School Years Final Exam
1  6 – 7 1 – 2 KS1 SATS, Phonics and Reading check
2 8 – 11 3 – 6 SATS, eleven plus exam (Generally only for Grammar School entry)
3 12 – 14 7 – 9
4 15 – 16 10 – 11 GCSEs
What subject do you teach?
While we are able to offer subject specific tuition on request, our tuition in designed to give your children support with every subject they are currently studying in school.
Are you able to accommodate children with special needs or require special consideration?

As our tuition is carried out on school sites the provision for students with special needs is available. Tuition with special requirements can be arranged upon request. Please speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

What times does Sky Tuition Academy operate?

Lesson times vary, however, we try to ensure lessons begin as close to the time schools finish as possible. Therefore, lessons will commence at 3:30pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm sharp. All lessons are up to two hours in duration. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before each lesson.


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